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Newsletter of Commission

A. Scope

We propose to collect for our Newsletter all information that relates to the following three main types of activities:

1. Meeting/Congress in relation with artificial caves. We should cover both international and national meetings

2. Publications Periodical publications : Journals, review, … Stand alone publications: Books, proceedings of congress and symposium, … Internet publications: papers, …

For all these publication, an overview of the table of content and/or an abstract would be welcome. In addition, if possible, it would be convenient to also receive an English translation of the main items discussed in these publications. However, if you are not able to provide such a translation please do not hesitate to send your information in your national language anyway.

3. Exhibitions and other activities Expositions, other activities than those identified under the first item.

These categories could be amended according to the information/news we will receive.

B. Frequency

Regarding the frequency of publication, in order to stay up to date, we  propose to start with a publication of our newsletter twice a year. The frequency might be revised later in according to information we receive.

C. Action required

We invite all of you to provide us with information that should be published in our newsletter by email <l.stevens@nbb.be>

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Luc Stevens