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2015 – HYPOGEA First International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities

Proceedings of IC HYPOGEA2015 now available like ebook here




Organized by HYPOGEA (Federazione per la ricerca e valorizzazione delle cavità artificiali) with UIS Artificial Cavities Commission

The International Congress of speleology in Artificial Cavities Hypogea 2015 took place in Rome from march 11th to march 17th 2015. The event was organized by Hypogea, the Federation of the Speleological Groups of Lazio for the research and valorization of artificial cavities, founded by three important organizations in the field of exploration and documentation of artificial cavities: ASSO, Egeria and Roma Sotterranea.  UIS International Union of Speleology and SSI Italian Speleological Society gave their patronage, together with CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Dipartimento Scienze del Sistema Terra e Tecnologie per l’Ambiente), Istituto di Ricerca per la Protezione Idrogeologica, Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani and SIGEA (Società Italiana di Geologia Ambientale).

150 scholars took part in the event, from Austria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey UK and USA. It was the ideal context to share important multidisciplinary researches and to speak and to compare on different topics. Over and above lectures on specific underground sites, other topics have been discussed, such as the study and the census of ancient hydraulic and religious works, new technologies used during explorations and topographical survey of artificial cavities, analysis of specific speleothemes, mines with the related risks during their explorations, under water speleoexplorations and comparisons between different typologies of artificial cavities in different countries, their filing and codification. Consistently to scientific International standards, the Congress was held in english as well as in english were printed the proceedings and the posters.

Hypogea2015 IC Congress

During the Congress several underground visits took place in town, whereas three were the tours organized out of Rome. Tours and visits were held in italian, english, german and russian and gave the opportunity to “travel” during 23 centuries (from 6th century b.C. to 17th century a.D.), exploring arcaic water drains, mithraeums, ancient aquaeducts, tuff mines and ancient roman houses, nimphaeus and inquisition cells. It never happened for such a scientific event to be held in the City of Rome, a town that, for its carachteristics, should be in the frontline regarding this topic, because of many implications: scientific, speleological, archaeological, educational, related to risks and development. The congress was held at CNR, the ideal placet o underline the multidisciplinary importance that speleology in artificial cavities has and the specific tasks that exploration and study of these places need.

The final workshop was held in the Pietro da Cortona Hall in the Municipal Museums;  many took part  accogliendo diverse personalità che hanno accettato di confrontarsi sulle tematiche della ricerca, tutela, protezione, rischio, valorizzazione e documentazione delle cavità artificiali.

Proceedings of Hypogea 2015 (550 pages, with 37 posters and 36 lectures) – edited by Mario Parise, Carla Galeazzi, Roberto Bixio and Carlo Germani – give an idea of the importance of the event.

The Organizing Committee of the next International Congress, that will take place in 2017 in  Turkey, asked, with our great pleasure, to use our brand. See you then at… “HYPOGEA 2017


Hypogea 2015 Organizing committee                                        

Rome, March 18th, 2015 – http://hypogea2015.hypogea.it

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