HYPOGEA 2019 International Congress: Bulgaria!

We inform you that the proposal of Bulgarian Caving Society to organize and host the

3rd International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities “HYPOGEA 2019” was approved from the UIS Artificial Cavities and by Hypogea Federation


Regional Museum of Dobrich City – Nord East Bulgaria

MAY 20th/25th, 2019

OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.hypogea2019.org/ 


International Congress HYPOGEA 2017 is being held!

The congress is being held. Here the first images courtesy Obruk Association & all Participants (fb pages).








Italy, Rome, March 11/17, 2015 – http://hypogea2015.hypogea.it


Organized with

International Union of Speleology

Società Speleologica Italiana

Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani

Società Italiana Geologia Applicata

CNR – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

IRPI – Istituto Ricerca e Protezione Idrogeologica

CNCA – Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali

Media Partners

 OPERA IPOGEA – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities


 Archeologia Viva

  Associazione Scintilena – Speleological News

  Blog Rome Insider

 Technical Partners


Associazione Culturale Subterranea

                                    Gruppo Speleo Archeologico Vespertilio

                         Gruppo Storico Romano



Web site: hypogea2015.hypogea.it

Mail: hypogea2015@gmail.com

Facebook: hypogeaweb

Twitter: hypogea2015


The main objective of the congress is to exchange the experience acquired, both at international and national level, in the field of speleological and speleo-underwater research of artificial hypogea (man-made underground structures of archaeological-historical interest), and to promote the preservation of subterranean historical and cultural heritage.

The congress will focus on international thematic sessions dealing with the speleological research undertaken during shared archaeological field missions; international standards in place including the adoption of cartographic symbols and a dictionary; the newly established Web site (UIS) linking to the Registry of Artificial Cavities and the comparison between different typologies of artificial hypogea, which have been extensively studied. Other thematic sessions include an overview of the legislation in different countries, potential scaling up of internationally important Italian projects on hypogea, such as the Map of Ancient Aqueducts and the magazine Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities.


Scientific Committee


  • Mario PARISE – Italy (CNR-IRPI, Bari; President of Artificial Cavities Commission UIS)
  • Kyung Sik WOO – The Republic of Korea (President UIS; Department of Geology, College of Natural Sciences, Kangwon National University)
  • George VENI – USA (Vice President UIS; NCKRI Executive Director National Cave and Karst Research Institute, Carlsbad, New Mexico)
  • Fadi NADER – Lebanon/France (General Secretary UIS; Geologist; IFP Energie nouvelles, Geosciences Division, Geology)
  • Mladen GARAŠIČ – Croatia (University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering; Society for research, surveying and filming on Karst Phenomena /DISKF/, Zagreb; Croatian Speleological Federation)
  • Philipp HÄUSELMANN – Switzerland (Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst studies, UIS working group survey and mapping)
  • Boaz ZISSU – Israel (Bar-Ilan University, Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology; Artificial Cavities Commission UIS)
  • Michele BETTI – Italy (President of Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali of Società Speleologica Italiana; PhD to the Università degli Studi di Urbino ‘Carlo Bo’)
  • Roberto BIXIO – Italy (Hon. Inspector for Artificial Cavities – MiBACT; Artificial Cavities Commission UIS; President of Centro Studi Sotterranei, Genoa)
  • Vittoria CALOI – Italy (CNR, Grottaferrata; Egeria Centro Ricerche Sotterranee, Rome; Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali SSI)
  • Sossio DEL PRETE – Italy (Geologist; Editor-in-chief of Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities, Caserta; Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali SSI
  • Andrea DE PASCALE – Italy (Archaeologist; Curator of Museo Archeologico del Finale IISL, Finale Ligure; Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali SSI; Centro Studi Sotterranei, Genoa
  • Carla GALEAZZI – Italy (Secretary of Artificial Cavities Commission UIS; Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali SSI; President of Hypogea; Egeria Centro Ricerche Sotterranee, Rome)
  • Mario MAZZOLI – Italy (General Manager A.S.S.O., Rome)
  • Adriano MORABITO – Italy (President of Roma Sotterranea, Rome)
  • Roberto NINI – Italy (Archaeologist; Utec/Subterranea, Narni)
  • Cristiano RANIERI – Italy (Archaeologist; Gruppo Speleo Archeologico Vespertilio, Salisano)
  • Stefano SAJ – Italy (Architect; Centro Studi Sotterranei, Genoa; Director of Opera Ipogea – Journal of Speleology in Artificial Cavities; Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali SSI
  • Simone SANTUCCI – Italy (Roma Sotterranea, Rome)



HYPOGEA 2015 - Rome, 12/17 March 2015

Organizing Committee


Carla Galeazzi, President (Egeria Centro Ricerche Sotterranee)

Massimo D’Alessandro (A.S.S.O.)

Luigi Manna (Gruppo Speleologico Cudinipuli)

Marco Vitelli (A.S.S.O.)

Elena Volpini (Roma Sotterranea)


Foto Antonio De Paolis