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July 2017 Report of our activity

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Issue 2 - 2015-101

Issue 2 – March 2015


NEWS p. 3

Hypogea 2015

New sinkholes caused by artificial cavities in Southern Italy

Rock-Cut Sanctuaries in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains: The Glouhite Kamani Cult Complex and Surrounding Region (Bulgaria)

Session “ Engineering problems in karst” at the XII Congress of the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG)


– UK – Namho Conference 2015

– UK – Subterranea Britannica – Spring meeting 2015

– Germany – Der Erdstall

– France – SFES congress

– GB – Going underground: the archaeology of souterrains in Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall and Britanny.


– Cliff settlements, shelters and refuge caves in the Galilee

– The distribution of coins of the jewish war against rome in galilee and phoenicia

– Versteckt in Höhlen und Schluchten – Rebellen und Zeloten am See gennesaret

– Ahlat 2009 – Terza campagna di indagini sulle strutture rupestri – Third campaign of

surveys on the underground structures

– Geotechnical and geoenvironmental characteristics of man-made underground

structures in Cappadocia, Turkey

– SOK Mededeling – May 2014

– Subterranea

– Reasearch and preservation of ancient mining areas

– Spelunca – Two interesting articles

– ARSITE n°46 – 1st semestre 2014

– Vingt mille lieux sous Paris

– Grottes et rochers, lieux de culte et de sainteté dans le midi

– Opera Ipogea – 1 – April 2014

– Opera Ipogea – 2 – November 2014

– 16th International congress of speleology Brno 21/28 July 2013 session

Download the newsletter in pdf: Issue 2 – 2015-1

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: If you wish to publish information in the next issue of this newsletter please address them to Luc Stevens by e-mail: troglo21@yahoo.fr

Cloaca Maxima Roma Associazione Roma Sotterranea Ivano Stranieri

Photo Ivano Straniero (Underground Rome) Cloaca Maxima. Participant to the Photographic Contest Speleo Foto Italia – Hypogea2015


Issue 1 – March 2014


NEWS p. 2

The Italian database on sinkholes: highlights on artificial cavities

Albanus project (Italy, Rome, Castel Gandolfo)

The Nottingham caves survey

Catacombs of Priscille


International Congress Hypogea2015

SFES Congress

NAMHO conference 2014

Der Erdstall

Subterranea Britannica – spring meeting 2014

Conference “speleology and spelestology”


Souterrains de Vendée

Opera Ipogea 2/2013

Subterranea N°167-168

Subterranea Britannica

SOK mededelingen

Download the newsletter in pdf Issue 1 – 2014-1

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTION: If you wish to publish information in the next issue of this newsletter please address them to Luc Stevens by e-mail: troglo21@yahoo.fr

Pia C - Cava di ardesia

Photo Claudio Pia. Slate quarry. Participant to the Photographic Contest Speleo Foto Italia – Hypogea2015



A. Scope

We propose to collect for our Newsletter all information that relates to the following three main types of activities:

1. Meeting/Congress in relation with artificial caves. We should cover both international and national meetings

2. Publications
Periodical publications : Journals, review, …
Stand alone publications: Books, proceedings of congress and symposium, …
Internet publications: papers, …

For all these publication, an overview of the table of content and/or an abstract would be welcome. In addition, if possible, it would be convenient to also receive an English translation of the main items discussed in these publications. However, if you are not able to provide such a translation please do not hesitate to send your information in your national language anyway.

3. Exhibitions and other activities
Expositions, other activities than those identified under the first item.

These categories could be amended according to the information/news we will receive.

B. Frequency

Regarding the frequency of publication, in order to stay up to date, we  propose to start with a publication of our newsletter twice a year. The frequency might be revised later in according to information we receive.

C. Action required

We invite all of you to provide us with information that should be published in our newsletter by email <l.stevens@nbb.be>

Thank you very much for your contribution!

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